Multiple VL53L0X sensors & STM32F407

Hi! i’m trying to use two VL53L0X sensors with STM32F407 and library, updated to my STM32F4. I set two I2C adresses 0x30 and 0x31 and start continuous measurement mode. I2C scanner can see two devices 0x30, 0x31, but one sensor works fine, another return 8191 value all the time.


Can you verify that your VL53L0X sensors work individually? Also, can you post pictures showing how all of your devices are connected or a wiring diagram? Please note that we are not familiar with the library you linked, so we cannot offer much specific advice on getting it to work for you setup.

- Amanda

Hello, Amanda! This library is Arduino library adapted to STM32. I’ve changed one of my VL53L0X sensor and now it’s OK. Maybe it is broken. Thx :slightly_smiling_face: