Multiple Switch and Changing Voltage


I am new to robotics, and currently I am having trouble getting my head around circuits, so sorry if these questions are little simple!

I have a 6 Channel Maestro:

I need to use 4 switch’s
Could some one provide a wiring diagram for multiple switches?

Or I could use 2 3-way toggle switches. I have read that you can set the channel to analog input and vary the voltage on different side of the switch.
How is this achieved?


Hello, John.

There is a description and schematic of how to wire a single button or switch to a Micro Maestro in the Attaching Servos and Peripherals section of the Maestro Servo Controller User’s Guide. You can wire multiple switches to the Maestro by using one input channel for each switch. You will need a separate circuit (including the resistor) for each switch.

You can use a multiple way switch to provide different analog voltages to one channel on the Maestro which is set as an analog input. To do this you would simply connect one side of the switch to the Maestro’s channel and each of the leads on the other side of the switch to different analog voltages between 0 - 5V.