Multiple Motor Contoller

Hi, I am New to this so hope i am posting in the right place for this question.

I am design a Trailer for a 1/14 scale RC truck and need to run 3 6v motors at the same time to spread the deck of the trailer open. I was looking at using the following motors for the job 1 x 172:1 Metal gear-motor 25dx56L and 2 x 210:1 Micro Metal Gear-motor HP these motors will all run screw drives with the larger motor having limit switches to shut down the system when it reaches it max and mini width. I plan to control the system of an on/off/on switch on the transmitter so I have forward and reverse control of the motors so I can open and close the unit to different distances. But i seem to be have trouble finding anything to use to control the system where I live so any help would be of a great help.


The Simple Motor Controller might work for your application. Please note that you would need one controller per motor.

If you have additional questions, I would happy to try and address them.

  • Grant


thanks for that. The idea i have been working around was to run the larger motor on one speed controller with the limit switches set up on this unit and then run the other two smaller motors of a single controller as these two will work together spreading the rear of the trailer and travel on the drives will be the same but the motors will rotate in opposite directions. But I am unsure if have limit switch on only one controller would shut down the whole system power supply if it got to the maximum travel I have attached picture to give an idea of the set I am looking at. See if you think I am on the right track.


Hello, Allan.

I don’t see any obvious problem with the way you propose to control the motors. There are several ways to have a single limit switch shut down all the SMCs in the system.

  • Grant