Multiple MinIMU-9 on same Arduino

Hi there!

Considering that my electronic background is kinda weak (I’m a chemical engineer), I would like to better understand something before buying an unit for my project:

Reading LSM303 lib, I saw a #define ACC_ADDRESS_SA0_A_LOW (0x30 >> 1). So, if I’m understanding it correctly, this is the compass address for I²C. The problem is that my project involves 3 9DOF IMU’s connected to a single Arduino Uno.

So, my question is how MinIMU-9 addressing works over I²C: Can I give an arbitrary address for each unit or all of them have the same address? If all of them have the same, there are alternatives to connect 3 MinIMU-9?


Hello, Rafael.

Unfortunately, you cannot change these device addresses to whatever you want, so the only way to achieve what you want to do is by using multiple I2C buses.

- Ryan