Multiple Maestros (2) on a single Arduino Mega

After a loooong time to get my Maestro to work on my Mega (trying to use a serial connection with no success) I finally added a single Maestro on my Mega on Serial3 (Tx3) and Serial3 (Rx3) and ran a common ground wire from the Maestro to the Mega… finally success and I can run my scripts… NOW, I want to add a second Maestro to the same Mega, how do I do this? Note, I am out of Serial Ports as other items use the other two… thanks


You can connect multiple Maestro controllers to the same serial bus by daisy-chaining them. You can find information about this in the “Daisy Chaining” section of the Maestro user’s guide. Please note that when the Maestro boards are daisy-chained like that, they will both receive all of the commands you send. If you want to send unique commands to each Maestro, you should use the Pololu protocol (as opposed to using the compact protocol), which allows you to specify the device number. You can use the Maestro Control Center to configure each Maestro with a unique device number under the “Serial Settings” tab.

If you are using our Maestro Servo Controller library for Arduino, you can use a separate constructor for each Maestro and specify the device number as an argument, which will tell the library to use the Pololu protocol.


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