Multi UART Baby Orangutans

I’d sure love a Baby-O price class board with a multiple UART AVR micro on it. (2 UART… or more… would be a dream). Any plans for a board like this in the future? Does anything like this exist out there? I love the “barely anything on it” Baby-O and wish there was a variety of microcontrollers available in that format.


We don’t have anything specific in the works. What kind of “barely anything on it” do you like? Why not just get a ATmega1284 in a DIP package? (I have heard of problems with that package specifically regarding the serial port at 20 MHz, by the way.)

- Jan

Hi Jan, thanks for your replies. I appreciate your help. I have years of microcontroller experience but I stopped in 1993! (87c52?) and so I am rusty and have little knowledge about todays mc landscape. Do you know where I can order those controllers you mention in 40 pin dip format?

Do you know of a quad uart model? Because I want to manage an outgoing RS232 link, and incoming RS232 link, and an incoming USB->serial from the computer also.

Thanks again
Mike C

The ATmega1284 DIP chip is available on, which is a great resource for finding electronics parts. If you can’t find a part on Digikey, there’s also which searches a lot of different websites for you.

I searched google for “4 UART avr” and found that the ATmega640/1280/2560 has 4 UARTs, but it doesn’t come in a DIP package. Maybe you could find a breakout board for that chip that suits your needs, like this one that I just found:

It sounds like you’re doing something pretty complicated! Good luck!


another solution : multiplexer