Mulitple Programs in one servo meastro controller

Is the Meastro servo controllers able to store multiple programs, if so Witch one?

For example: 2 programs.

Program 1

Tell the robot to pick up object and place it to the left.

Program 2

tell the robot to pick up the object and place it to the right

Can both of these programs be stored in Pololu servo controller and be able to call up program within the servo controller?

Example: Can I use program 1 on Monday and the next day Tuesday I want to use program 2 without having to use my computer to make changes.


The Maestro only stores a single program at a time, but it should be possible to write a program that performs either one action or the other based on some input condition using the scripting language on the Maestro. You could probably save the two different motions as different subroutines and then use a switch on a dedicated input channel with a conditional statement to determine which subroutine runs. I recommend looking at the “The Maestro Scripting Language” section of the Maestro User’s guide for more information about how scripting on the Maestro works.


Thanks Nathan for your reply.

Looking forward to try this theory.