MPU6050 Evaluation (Rate Noise Density,RMS Noise)

Hello and thank you for consigering my question :slight_smile:
I’ve made a datalog from a MPU6050 (IMU: gyroscope and accelerometer) at 500Hz sample rate. Now I want to calculate the characteristics from the gyro to evaluate the sensor.

For the gyro I’ve found following values in the datasheet:

Total RMS Noise = 0.05 °/s
Low-frequency RMS noise = 0.033 °/s
Rate Noise Spectral Density = 0.005 °/s/sqrt(Hz)

Now I want to ask how I can calculate these values from my dataset?
At the moment I’ve the following values from the dataset:

Standard deviation = 0.0331 °/s
Variance = 0.0011
Angular Random Walk (ARW) = 0.003 °/sqrt(s) (From Allan deviation plot)
Bias Instability = 0.0012 °/s

Is the ARW equal to the Rate Noise Spectral Density mentioned in the datasheet? And also is the RMS Noise from the datasheet equal to the standard deviation?

You will probably need to contact the manufacturer to find out exactly how they defined those quantities.