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MP3Trigger and Arduino

I have purchased a Sparkfun MP3 Trigger (https://www.pololu.com/product/2744/resources). I am trying to control it from an Arduino Uno.

I found this library online (https://github.com/sansumbrella/MP3Trigger-for-Arduino), but when I try to install it in the Arduino Online IDE I get an error that the library.properties file is not found.

Does anyone know what library I can use to control this from my Arduino code? Or what library SHOULD be used for it?

OK So I was able to make a library.properties file by copying one from another library and changing the settings in it. That seems to have mostly worked. But now I am having other issues. Gonna post those separately.

Are you still having problems with that library? We have not tried that library, but if you post details about the issues you’re having we might be able to offer some suggestions.


I was able to get it working. But Ias I said I had to make a custom properties file to do it.

What library or method do you recommend to control the Maestro Mini since you haven’t used that particular library?

SparkFun’s MP3 Trigger Hookup Guide has a lot of information for using the board. including a list of the available serial commands. The commands are fairly simple, consisting of 1-byte ASCII characters and (if applicable) a data byte.

You didn’t mention the Mini Maestro before, so I’m not sure if that was a typo or a separate question, but I would recommend our Maestro Library for Arduino for that since there is a lot more to the serial protocol than one or two bytes.


I am using a Uno, Maestro Mini, MP3 Trigger and an Audio Amplifier to make a robot head play animations and sounds. I think I got it all working. The only real issue I am still having is trying to find servos that can rotate over 360 deg AND allow for precise position control. That seems to be a hard combination to figure out.

I am glad you got it working.

I do not have any specific recommendations for a servo with that large of a range of motion, but you might try searching for “sail winch” servos. Sometimes they are also referred to with a “T” in the name to specify the number of turns they can do (e.g. “1T” for a servo that can turn 360° or “1.5T” for a servo that can turn 540°).