Moving TIC T500 after denergize + energize

I am using a TIC 500 to control a stepper motor using the Arduino library.

After moving the stepper, I move the stepper to a known position, location 0, and use tic.denergize() to keep the stepper cool when not in use.
Later, I want to use tic.energize() and begin moving the stepper. I have sensors that can assure the stepper is still at location 0.

I have tried the obvious to reinitialize the controller (and some other sequences):

But the stepper will not move without reloading the driver.

How can I get the stepper to move after a denergize() / energize() sequence?

Hello, siliconfarmer.

I am sorry you are having problems getting your Tic to move the stepper motor again after de-energizing. What happens when you send the energize command? Is the Tic’s red error indicator LED lit? Can you post a screen capture of the “Status” tab of your Tic Control Center after trying to de-energize and re-energize the stepper motor?


Hi Brandon,
Yes, the red error LED was lit. I figured out why.
My system has 2 steppers controlled by two TIC controllers. I had wired the ERR pins together to a signal on my microprocessor. Reading the documentation, it became clear that deenergize activates the ERR signal. The default setting causes a TIC to activate its ERR signal on a deenergize. The two TICs were holding each other in the ERR state. So I changed the configuration of the ERR signal so this didn’t happen, so now I can reenergize just fine.