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Mounting of 9V Step-Up/Step-Down Voltage Regulator S10V3F9

Hello, I am using the S10V3F9 for a non-robotics application, I’d like to convert power from an 11.1 volt high-capacity battery to 9 volts. I would like to attach the board to a small heat sink (perhaps a square of aluminum) that also acts as a “chassis” to which I can zip-tie the strain relief for the input and output wires. Can I use heat sink glue to glue underside (the part without components) to the aluminum, provided that the contact/solder pads on the i/o end are hanging off the aluminum so they don’t short?



Hi, Tom.

I do not see any reason not to mount the bottom of an S10V3F9 regulator to an aluminum plate or chassis as long as nothing is shorting, though I am not sure how well it will work as a heatsink.