Mounting Levitation Coils

Unless you purchase a kit or board, you don’t get any mounts for mini-levitation coils. I see that the mini-coils used for levitation projects likely have an M3 thread, about (because nobody gives dimensions or supports mounting) 19mm long. There are no available housings, or mounts, or brackets, or screws sold with them. The suppliers also claim they don’t sell anything to mount them with. The wires are super-fine, and any continued touching of these connections will break them off, which logically means that they need to be mounted in a solid condition with more permanent soldering and durable connections. Has anyone found something they fit into? I noticed one project with modified plastic sewing machine bobbins that sandwiches the coils and feeds the super-fine coil wires through a slit cut in the side like thread. Don’t the types of metal screws also affect how the coil works?