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Mounting brackets for generic linear actuators

Have been out of stock for some time, and I need a pair. When do you expect them to be in?

Hello, Jim.

Unfortunately, we do not know when or if we might get more. We are currently looking for a new supplier for generic linear actuators.

- Grant

Problem solved. I found some metric-dimension (50 x 25 x 2 mm) mild steel channel stock with an appropriate width for the generic linear actuators at McMaster-Carr, product #6527K63 at mcmaster.com/#steel-hollow-bars/=w6k9rc

At $15 for one 12" chunk you can make up 5-6 pairs of brackets.

Most manufacturers charge about $30 per pair of heavy aluminum brackets, which seems silly for a $75 actuator.

Hello, Jim.

I am glad you found a way to mount those actuators. Thanks for sharing your solution.

- Grant

For completeness, here is the resulting set of brackets. It took about an hour to cut these out, drill holes, mill the slot and finish. I’m embarrassed that the slot is somehow 1 mm off center, but that doesn’t matter for my application (opening heavy sliding vent windows in a solarium). Nevertheless, it won’t happen again!

The dimensions are close to those shown on the product page pololu.com/product/2355. The fit to the actuator mounting stub is slightly loose and was improved by a couple of thin washers. Finally, a 1/4 inch carriage bolt makes a fine clevis pin for the generic linear actuator.

Raw material: mcmaster.com/#steel-hollow-bars/=w6k9rc (6527K73)