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Mounting bracket for Pololu Carrier with Sharp GP2Y0D815Z0F Digital Distance Sensor?


Do you sale (or recommend) any mounting bracket for https://www.pololu.com/product/2465 ?

–Team AIRO

Hello, TeamAIRO.

We do not carry a mounting bracket specific to the Pololu Carrier with Sharp GP2Y0D815Z0F Digital Distance Sensor 15cm.
You might consider our Bracket Pair for Sharp GP2Y0A02, GP2Y0A21, and GP2Y0A41 Distance Sensors, which can be used with many different sensors and can probably be modified to work with the GP2Y0D815Z0F. Please note you should take care to insulate any sensors you use from the aluminum bracket so you do not get any short circuits.


Hi Derrill,

Sorry, we should have clarified that the plan is to mount the distance sensor (GP2Y0D815Z0F) on the Expansion Board (https://www.pololu.com/product/979): one sensor in the front and two on each side. Can the bracket you recommended (i.e. https://www.pololu.com/product/2679) somehow fit directly on the Expansion Board? May be by using different set of screws?

Or is there any other option / way of securely (i.e. so it doesn’t move) mounting those sensors on that expansion board you could recommend? Perhaps without the mounting bracket and some other crude way?

By the way, we understood about insulating the sensor. Thanks for pointing that out though.

Many thanks in advance,
–Team AIRO

The 3pi expansion board does not have any specific locations to mount sensors. You could decide which location you want the sensors to be and drill your own holes to mount something like the brackets I referred you to previously. If you do that, you should take care so you do not short any other connections on the expansion board. Other alternatives to drilling are to use something like double sided tape or solder the male headers that come with the sensor directly to the 3pi expansion board.


thanks Derrill