Mounting batteries and Arduino on RRC01A Chassis


I’m building my first robot using the RRCO1A Chassis. After ordering the wrong chassis initially, forgetting to order the caster, and setting up the gears wrong, I finally have those initial problems worked out and leads soldered to my two DC motors. I want to set the robot up in two configurations. One of those will be using an Arduino with a motor shield. How do people usually mount the micro controller and batteries on one of these chassis?


Unfortunately, we do not have a specific solution to recommend for mounting an Arduino to the RRC01A Chassis. However, our RRC04A Chassis was designed for directly mounting an Arduino, and you can find examples in the pictures on the product page.


I came up with a solution. I drilled holes in the battery case that corresponded to the two bolts that held the gear train to the chassis. Then I drilled two more holes that corresponded to the inner most two bolts that hold the caster in place. That proved sufficient to hold the battery case in place. A simple strap secures it to the chassis. I then used 4 1" female-to-female spacers to mount a round piece of cardboard above the battery case. I added some Velcro strips to the bottom of the Arduino and the piece of cardboard. Then I punched holes where necessary for running leads and/or mounting sensors.

It would be nice to have a couple of boards that are the same size as the chassis boards but are meant for use as upper levels. You could set up one that’s meant for use with a short breadboard, one for use with an Arduino, and one that simply had a grid of 4-40 holes for mounting whatever.


Hello, Ray.

I’m glad to hear you were able to work out a solution, and thank you for the suggestion. By the way, we offer a custom laser cutting service if you want to design customized second tier for your chassis.

- Ben