Hi everyone, I’m wondering what kind of motor would be best for my robot. The robot is suppose to climb 100 ft up the rope ring a bell and come back down. What I’ve considered sofar is Tamiya 72004 Worm-Gear Gearbox with the motor. In order to provide enough power for it I may be using two of those. Another motor is one of the servo motors. Can I ask you for some more info on each of the motor such as torque, speed, power etc. Tnx


Tamiya does not publish specs for their gearboxes, but you can get an idea of the torque and speed of the gearbox based on the motor specs. The specs for the Mabuchi RE-260 motors in the worm-gear gearbox are available at It is a 3V motor with about a 2A stall current. The gear ratio configurations for the Tamiya gearboxes are available at The actual output you get will depend a lot on how you assemble the kits.

You can usually find the torque, speed, and other specs for servos through the manufacturer web sites.

- Candice