Motors and servos

Hi hope you are well.
I am trying to build an arm that actually punches as fast as a human.
this arm,s will be a sparing practice arm . I need to know the best servo or motor to use . I have built an arm out of bals wood with servos as shoulder and elbow. torque 12kg, speed .13 . these servos are too slow especially the shoulder witch struggles a bit lifting the whole arm. i am running pololu servo controller. is their a product that will do this ? or shoulsd i try and use drill motors on the cheep.I need to replicate the speed of a punch etc
look forward to hearing from you. cheers


I am not really sure how well servos would work for that kind of thing, but you can find all of the RC servos we carry here, and click the blue “Compare all products in this category” text to get a side-by-side comparison of their specifications, like speed and stall torque at a specific voltage. How well any of those servos would work in your system depends on many particular aspects of your design, too. Also, please note that we do not recommend our products be used where their failure could result in injury or significant property damage.