Motoron M3S256 for Low-resistance Solenoids


For a project I have three solenoids with a low resistance of 0.06 ohm that I wish to power with a current of 2 ampere. I have a Motoron M3S256 arduino shield with which I want to concurrently power the solenoids. I am new to electronics, so I have a lot still to figure out.

My question is: Is it possible to use the M3S256 to control these solenoids? Or do you recommend a different driver or strategy altogether?


You only need to be able to switch power on and off to control a typical solenoid, so using a motor controller like one of our Motorons (which uses H-bridges to be able to reverse the direction power flows), is probably overkill. Instead, you might consider something simpler like a few of our power switches, or even just an appropriate MOSFET. (DigiKey would be a good place to look for that.)

Also, regardless of the particular power switching method you use, keep in mind each 0.06Ω solenoid will almost certainly need to be wired in series with an appropriate power resistor. (DigiKey would probably be a good place to look for that too.)

- Patrick