Motorised micrometer screw

Hi all,
As part of my internship, I will know the existence of a motorised micrometer screw.
The topic is to automate the process of centering a TFT versus position (rasters) marked on the front of the display.
This operation is currently done manually, the operator acts on micrometer screw to adjust the position of the cross in relation to the patterns on the facade.
We would like to switch the manual centering operation based micrometer screws by an automated operation.
Is that there are systems based motorized micrometer screws? That is to say, we will replace the manual micrometer screw micrometer screw by motorized with stepper motors to ensure precise positioning.
Is that you know suppliers who manufacture this type of product (module for precise positioning and motorized)?
Thank you in advance for answering me as soon as possible.


I moved your post to the Mechanical Design and Actuators forum from the Product Suggestions forum.

Our semi-automatic stencil printer, the MC-1400, has motorized micrometer screws for moving the board table. Unfortunately, I do not know of anyone who makes them.

Best of luck with your project.

- Ryan

There are tens, if not hundreds of thousands of different examples of motorized linear actuators that use a screw for positioning. Search for “precision motorized lead screw” or “motorized micrometer” etc. Most are quite expensive (for example: but a search on the surplus sales web sites or ebay will often turn up much cheaper options. The cost will depend on your requirements for accuracy.

You might also look up “motorized translation stage” which is a two-dimensional positioner. Here is one on ebay that uses two perpendicular lead screws … 2a24638e76

thank you very much :slight_smile: