Motor to use for a sumo bot

I am a Itt-tech student that is building a sumo bot, what would be the best motor to use for this robot


The motors you choose for a mini-sumo robot will vary with the strategy you want to use.The trade-offs for competitions like these are typically speed vs. torque. If you want a robot that can out maneuver the opponent, speed might be a good choice. If you want to have a power house robot that can push other robots out of the ring with brute force, you might use motors with greater torque.

As an example, we generally recommend our 50:1 or 75:1 micro metal gearmotors for use in our Zumo Robots.

Good luck in your competitions. We would love to see what kind of robot you build!


Thank you so munch for the information on motors and as soon as the team gets done building and running it I will post a picture of it and the wins and losses of battle
and thanks again.