Motor selection

Hi, I just purchased an Orangutan but could use some guidance on which motors (particular digikey/jameco/etc part numbers would be helpful if easily available) will work well with this; I understand that the low-voltage high-current inexpensive toy motors may not well with this particular unit.

thanks - hb


The Orangutan motor driver is the LB1836, which is good for up to 1 A (with a heatsink). Many toy motors have stall currents well beyond 1 A, so they are indeed not that well suited to Orangutan. The Solarbotics gearmotors we carry all work well, as should any motor with a stall current under 1 A.

The Jameco catalog does not show stall currents, but it looks like all of their gear head motors with 6V and 12V ratings should work. There are many part numbers because of the various gear ratio options, but if you post a part number, I can take a look and see if it looks like it should work.

- Jan