Motor noise solutions

My robotics team has a robot that uses a 12v step-up/step-down voltage regulator to power an udoo x86. Here is how it’s set up:

We use a 4S 10C battery on a power line that powers both 1) the motors/motor controllers and 2) the udoo via the voltage regulator. We fear there may be noise on the udoo power line resulting from the motors, although we have not experienced any brown outs. We have not tested the udoo power line using an oscilloscope, but can do so. However, we were wondering if the voltage regulator suppresses some or all of the noise that might be heading to the udoo. We were also considering switching to your 15A step-down voltage regulator, and are wondering if the answer would be any different?


Using either of those regulators should help somewhat with the noise, but how much depends on things like its frequencies/bandwidth and amplitude. If you are concerned, you should just look at the input and output of the regulator in your setup with a scope.

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