Motor induction with capacitors

Hello all,

I’m currently designing an brushed DC H-Bridge motor driver with the basic functionality of the “DRV8801 Single Brushed DC Motor Driver Carrier” in mind. (Just no current sensing or low power state)

The driver will have an optional braking function (Like the DRV8801) which shorts the motor with 2 of the H-Bridge transistors so that the induction of the motor will increase resistance to stop the motor. But I know the importance of using small ceramic capacitors on the motors to try and reduce noise in the electronics, while I have these capacitors on the IC’s and main power line I would like to try to put this on the motor, but will a capacitor across the terminals of the motor cause this braking function even if I don’t want the motor to brake or will it have a negligible effect?


A capacitor across the motor terminals should not cause the motor to brake.

- Jeremy