Motor function is not working in 3pi

I am trying to run an existing sample motor program in 3pi and part of it working . The green light is on and LCD is displaying both , but it does not move. Can you please help me if I need to do anything else to make it move. Here is the code.

#include <pololu/orangutan.h>
/* * motors1: for the Orangutan LV-168, Orangutan SV-xx8, Orangutan SVP, *    and Baby Orangutan B * * This example uses the OrangutanMotors functions to drive * motors in response to the position of user trimmer potentiometer * and blinks the red user LED at a rate determined by the trimmer * potentiometer position.  It uses the OrangutanAnalog library to measure * the trimpot position, and it uses the OrangutanLEDs library to provide * limited feedback with the red user LED. * * * * */
unsigned long prevMillis = 0; 

int main() 
		 // note that the following line could also be accomplished with: 
		 //  int pot = analogRead(7); 
		 int pot = read_trimpot();    // determine the trimpot position 
		lcd_goto_xy(0, 0); 
		print_long(pot);               // print the trim pot position (0 - 1023) 
		print("  ");              // overwrite any left over digits 
		int motorSpeed = (512 - pot) / 2; 
		lcd_goto_xy(0, 1); 
		print_long(motorSpeed);        // print the resulting motor speed (-255 - 255) 
		print("   "); 
		set_motors(motorSpeed, motorSpeed);  // set speeds of motors 1 and 2 // all LEDs off 
		green_led(0); // turn green LED on when motors are spinning forward 
		if (motorSpeed > 0) 
		green_led(1); // turn red LED on when motors are spinning in reverse 
		if (motorSpeed < 0) 

Thank you

The above code is missing the first line of code which is below. Please help I am stuck with this problem.

#include <pololu/orangutan.h>

Sorry. I think it is auto correcting the include statement. We need to include orangutan.h library


Has the 3pi’s motors ever worked before? Can you try changing out the current batteries with fresh batteries to see if that helps? If the motors are still not moving, can you post close-up pictures showing both sides of your 3pi?

- Amanda