Motor driver for 2 Micro Metal Gearmotor HP 50:1

Can you help me with the selection of the appropriate driver for 2 Micro Metal Gearmotor HP 50:1 ? i want to build a mini sumo, and i believe that is very possible that the stall current of 1.6 is reached for this application. thank’s

Hello, turok_gt.

An appropriate motor driver for your project would need to have two motor channels and a continuous output current that is higher than the stall current of the motor.

As far as motor drivers, you could use two TB6612FNG dual motor drivers hooked up in parallel to obtain a continuous output current per channel of 2 A. An example on how to do this can be found in the Orangutan SVP schematic. We also have the dual MC33926 motor driver which can output a continuous current of 3 A per channel.

As far as motor controllers, the TRex Jr. dual motor controller would be an appropriate choice.


Thanks for your help, I decided buy two TB6612FNG for the price. but I think must have a motor driver between dual MC33926 and the TB6612FNG that can handle 2 amperes.

pd: my english isn’t very good.