Motor Datasheets

Dears, I am looking for more detailed data for Pololu DC motors, so if you could guide me where to locate them that would be pretty much appreciated.

my attention is on the following two options:
67:1 Metal Gearmotor 37Dx54L mm
75:1 Metal Gearmotor 25Dx54L mm HP




We do not have datasheets for those motors. What information are you looking for that isn’t available on the product web page?

- Ben

at least one will need to know about motor ratings at max effeciency. by having the motor curve, one will be able to choose right controller and other design considereations such torque value at a designated cut-off current value.

I am under the impression that you are providing motors that will be controlled comfortably by any of your controllers

The manufacturer does not supply those ratings. We offer a wide range of motor drivers and controllers, and they definitely cannot all drive these motors. I recommend you use the motor stall current specification to select a motor driver or controller with enough power, since motors will typically draw close to the stall current when they start from rest (unless you accelerate them gradually), and they can draw nearly twice the stall current if you switch from full-speed forward to full-speed reverse without any braking or acceleration in between. Ultimately, your power requirements depend on how you plan on using the motors and the voltage at which you will be running them, but the free-run and stall current specifications we supply should generally be sufficient to choose an appropriate motor driver or controller. Note that stall current varies approximately linearly with voltage.

Some of the motor drivers and controllers we recommend for those particular motors can be found on the right side of the product page under the section labeled “Related Products”.

- Ben

many thanks to you

Hello I bouthg a motor " 75:1 Metal Gearmotor 25Dx54L mm" but for some calculations I need two datum that I didn’t find in your page , I need the moment of inertia of the motor and the frition torque of the motor they are datum that usually can be found in the datasheet of any motor but I can’t find it’s datasheet in your page

Unfortunately, we do not have datasheets for those motors, and the manufacturer does not specify the moment of inertia or friction torque. All of the information we have for those motors is located on their product pages.