Mosfet slide switch light on with power

I’ve got the LV Mosfet slide switch unit. The docs seem to indicate that the LED should come on when the unit is in the on state, but the LED seems to be on whether the unit has power supplied to it regardless of the switch state. Otherwise it appears to behave as a power switch completely as desired.

Have I probably hooked it up incorrectly in some obvious way that would cause this?


That LED is connected to VOUT, so if the LED is on, there is voltage on VOUT. If you post pictures of your board showing your connections and tell me more about your setup, I might be able to see something that is incorrectly connected.


I’m using it as a switch for this lipo charger: , with the trace scratched out as directed

The “inner” pin of the two switch pins goes directly to the positive connection on the battery connector, the “outer” pin goes to the “BAT+” pin output of the charger.

Actually now that I look at it, I have vout on the switch connected to the inner pin ( -> positive battery connection). That’s probably wrong, it should be vin, right? I think I just have vin and vout swapped. Though it’s surprising to me that nothing behaved unexpectedly other than the led.

It is not very clear how you have the two boards connected. Could you post pictures that show your setup? How do you intend for the switch to control power in that setup (ie, controlling power from the charger to the battery, controlling power from the battery to an external load, or something else)?


Thanks for your help, I think I just had wires to vin and vout swapped