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More new gui control center

It would be nice to have a “mass” servo activate/deactivate.

Every time I want to create a new sequence, the system defaults to all servos on and I have 17 of them to deal with. Since I’m doing sequences in small groups (eg arms, legs, one side, other side, etc) I have to enable or disable many of the servos at once.

In the servo check field, at the top of the column should be a “servos all off” and “servos all on” check box. If you only want one servo on, from the gui you would check all off, then activate only the servo you want.

Thank you for the additional feedback about the Maestro Control Center. We will keep it in mind.

By the way, the servo channels should not default to anything when you click the “New Sequence” button. It sounds like you might be talking about when you click the “Apply Settings” button afterward, which causes each servo channel to behave as configured with the “On startup or error” setting in the “Channel Settings” tab of the Maestro Control Center.