Mono support in installer?

Good afternoon,

I’m wanting to run the Micro Maestro on an older Windows box (which has nothing better to do than control servos anyway :wink: ). Unfortunately, .NET 3.5 is required for your software, but not supported on anything older than Win XP.

The good news is that the non-Microsoft implementation, Mono, is available for older windowses, but the bad news is that your installer won’t detect it. Could you please consider:

  1. updating your installer to detect Mono
  2. provide an “install anyway” option when M$ .NET 3.5 is not detected.


Unfortunately the driver the Maestro uses for its native USB interface is not supported in versions of Windows older than XP SP2 so I don’t think you will be able to get the Maestro working even if you got the Maestro Control Center to run.

All of the binary files are available in the maestro_windows ZIP file you downloaded, so you can attempt to run them with Mono if you want to (but I don’t think it will work). You don’t need to run the installer.