I just received my Zumo 2040 and ran some of the demo scripts. I have a complete application I want to run on my Zumo but, I want to isolate it from ALL the other fine software on the robot. I created my own directory and modified the default file name for the splash loader to include my directory name and file name. My application launched but, then I realized my code cannot import any of my other scripts without getting a
no module named
‘<it doesn’t matter what I name it>’
Can anyone help point out to me what I’m doing wrong?


Hello, Joe.

Could you post more details about what you’re doing such as a copy of your code and a screenshot of the directories involved? Are you using the from <directory> import <script> syntax?


Thanks for the response. I’m still working on it but, I believe I made some progress viewing some of the example code. I tried putting directory path separated by dots before the filename. This seems to work. Now I have a problem with ‘from enum import Enum’ where the interpreter complains no module found ‘enum’

I have come to wonder if the enum module, first appeared in Python3, may not even be supported in micro python.

MicroPython doesn’t have an equivalent enum module. You can reference the MicroPython documentation for information about the libraries and modules it does support (under the “Library Reference” link).