Modifying the ZUMO 32U4 for the arduino shield

Hi, sorry for the dumb question. If I remove the 32U4 board from my ZUMO, can I simply replace this on the chassis with an Arduino shield after bit of soldering of new pins? I have an old ZUMO 32U4 ZUMO 2a and want to build the Pixycam/Zumo robot for my kid, as I have the Seeeduino Lite board and don’t really want to buy another ZUMO with the Arduino shield. My guess it that this will all work but just want to be sure before finding out that the ZUMO shield for Arduino for some reason won’t fit this older made ZUMO? chassis.



Hello, Frank.

The chassis for the Zumo 32U4 and Zumo shield are the same chassis, so it is fine to replace the Zumo 32U4 board with our Zumo Shield for Arduino.


Hi Derrill, thanks! Now I’ll get on with it.
Thanks so much