Modding the Zumo: Encoders, WiFi, GPS, USB and 120 MHz

I love the Pololu Zumo: It makes it very easy to explore the topic of robotics.
In my case I needed a bit more processing power compared to the Arduino board, plus a few more gizmos and gadgets :smiley: .
The result is a tuned and modded Zumo bot with a powerful Freescale ARM Cortex-M4F running at 120 MHz, capable to run WiFi, USB, GPS and process the wheel encoders in real-time :smiley:
It uses standard Pololu parts (chassis, blade, reflectance sensor, 1:75 motors with extended shaft, optical encoders), but a custom shield:
Details in

Happy Modding :slight_smile:


We are glad to hear that you love our Zumo; it is cool that you are still making new modified versions of it with features like WiFi and GPS. Thanks for sharing!

- Amanda