MMA7341L 3 Axis Accelerometer and meastro 24


I think the accelerometer might be dead.

I hooked up the supply voltage at 3.3v, connected the outputs to the meastros analog inputs and set the channels in the controller software to be inputs.

All I get is a tiny variation at about 0.01v on the output pins even when I’m rotating the board.

I left the selft test and g select disconnected.

I figure I could use the self test feature to test this Im right in thinking I can just hook that up to the input voltage?

many thanks


I noticed on your order history that you purchased the smaller version of the MMA7341L accelerometer that does not have a voltage regulator. Have you accounted for the sleep pin on this version of the board? This pin must be driven high, otherwise the board is still in a low-power sleep mode.


haha, that might be the button.

I hadnt accounted for that I thought i had read that it was the other way around, but now thinking about it that makes no sense either.

Ill give it ago and let you know.


yes that was exactly the problem I now have all 3 axis being read by the meastros inputs and its responding correctly.

thanks for your time and sorry for the wild goose chase

I am glad you were able to get it working, and thank you for letting us know that the problem is solved.