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MMA7260QT 3-Axis Accelerometer

We have added a triple-axis accelerometer based on Freescale’s MMA7260QT MEMS IC to our sensor line-up! Our compact carrier board makes this great chip easy to use by providing convenient connection points, RC-filtered outputs, and an integrated 3.3 V regulator that allows the board to interface with 5 V microcontrollers. In short, this accelerometer offers more features than competing units, all in a smaller package and at a lower price!

  • Ben

Great idea including a tiny little 3.3V regulator on the board. It drives me nuts that while I can get little inertial sensors on little boards, for whatever reason they’re almost all 3.3V devices and I have to add a bunch of support/interface electronics to connect them to my 5V MCUs.

I hope you keep expanding your sensor line, especially with boards with built-in 5V interfaces!