MLX90614ESF-AAA Usage


I’m using the MLX90614ESF-AAA Infrared Temperature Sensor 90° FOV in order to look for a change in temperature (in this case, a spot of high temp) for a competition, and I had a few questions.
If I’m using a SVP328 rather than the board shown in the documentation, which pins should I/can I use and still have it work? And how would I need to change the code to still work with the new pins?
Second, If I need to use other sensors along with this part, do I need to do anything else, or will it work as is?

Any help would be appreciated

Please tell me this isn’t for the Abington firefighting competition next weekend…

It looks to me like you simply need to connect the SDA and SCL pins to the corresponding I2C pins on your controller. I don’t see a SVP-328 as a current Pololu controller, perhaps you meant SVP-324? In that case, it would be PC1 for SDA, and PC0 for SCL. has code for mega328 (168 and 48 are the same). It looks to me like it’s writing to registers directly. If you change the pin references to the correct ones, it’s possible it would just work. You need someone with some AVR I2C experience for that though.

If you are programming for Abington, and you are only just now attempting to get the flame sensor working, you are going to need to work very hard this week.