Mixing lego's and robotics - Battery requirement?

Technic lego’s are really fun, but the NXT controller is pretty expensive, and it’s just not what I want.

I am currently trying to build some robots with lego’s and cheap servos/motors. Thing is, I’m not much experienced with that.


Those two motors looks good, and looks like they could do a nice replacement for lego motors, if combined with one of these:

Now, I will be using a microcontroller to controls those. (Arduino + Xbee for communication). Assuming I have the motor driver built, what kind of batteries would be suitable for this project? I though about going cheap, and just use 4x Rechargeable AA batteries. Those batteries are rated at about 2500mah per 1.2v cells, would that be able to run 3-5 motors/servos, and the microcontroller for at least an hour on a charge? Or should I start looking into stronger batteries?
Any suggestions about the idea of combining lego’s, microcontrollers, xbees, servos and motors?


I’m not sure what you mean about combining the gearmotors. For the GM6 and GM7 style motors (including our parallel shaft and right-angle versions), we’ll have new molded versions of the lego wheel adapters in the next few days. For the batteries, you might need a few more cells to get a more usable voltage, but other than that, AA NiMH rechargeable cells are a good way to go.

- Jan