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MIRR - Interactive 98-servo installation

MIRR (Mobile Interactive Responsive Reflector) is an interactive installation that responds to people by independently rotating its array of 98 mirrored panels. There are two inputs: a Kinect v2 and a custom box of buttons that are mapped 1-to-1 to the panels. The Kinect processing and response development happens in the 3D modeling environment Rhino using a parametric plug-in called Grasshopper. A custom Python script runs in Grasshopper to translate the information from Rhino to serial packets that go to the parent Maestro board. There are 4 more 24-channel Maestro boards chained to the parent. Each board handles 3 columns of panels. The servos we are using are the FEETECH Mini Servo FT1117M. The installation is set up in our lobby so as people walk by it wakes up and responds to them throughout the day.
You can read more about the project here:


this is amazing.