Mirobot - a WiFi robotics kit for kids

Hello all,
I thought you might be interested in a robotics kit for helping kids learn about technology, engineering and programming. Mirobot is a build-it-yourself WiFi robotics kit that is completely open source and designed to be easily hackable. Once it’s been assembled it can be programmed over WiFi through a web browser. This connectivity also makes it very easy to hook into any other programming language or frameworks you might want to use.

It’s a drawing robot, much like the old BBC Turtles of the 80’s, which were a lot of its inspiration.

The Kickstarter is going very well and is currently over 400% funded! Take a look here if you’re interested:

kickstarter.com/projects/bj … r-children

Ben Pirt

Hello, Ben.

Thank you for sharing your WiFi robotics kit and Kickstarter campaign. That looks like a cool robot, and it is great that it is wirelessly programmable. Does it use any of our parts?