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Mining diorama animation using Maestro

For about a year and a half, I’ve been building a model of a silver mine in Virginia City NV, for my outdoor model railroad. I decided to animate a part of it, and used the 12 channel Maestro to do so.

The Maestro is at the upper left. Going clockwise are two Pololu relays (to trigger sound files), the sound board / amp (at right), my homegrown daughter board with Pololu 5v regulator and motor controller, and another Pololu relay for lighting.

I finished the main mine a couple weeks ago, and here it is with the new concrete slab ready for the final module.

That final module involves the mine’s ore bins, dump hill, a trestle, etc., and carries the animation and electronics. Here’s the animation.

The trestle, little shed and all electronics are in one removable assembly which I’ll store indoors over the winter. But all the rest will stay outside.

I’m no electronics whiz, so I relied a lot on Brandon’s patient help through this project (thanks Brandon!!).