Minimum Voltage for boost regulator on ZUMO

I’m wondering if I can power the ZUMO with a 3.7v lipo. I’ve not found a part number for the boost regulator.


An input voltage of 3.7V is fine from the boost regulator perspective. However, the motors run directly off of the battery input voltage, so your motors would have reduced speed and torque at 3.7V. You might try a 2s LiPo battery instead. We have used them here with the Zumo successfully.

By the way, why are you considering using a 3.7V LiPo?


I was looking to use this: to handle the battery and allow for onboard charging via solar and/or a dock the bot can drive onto. I suppose I could put another boost reg after the output of that board to push it up to 5-6v since the ZUMO will be carrying extra gear.

I am not sure how well that system would work with the addition of that charging circuit, but as Derrill mentioned, you should be able to run a Zumo off of 1S LiPo, though the motors would not run as powerfully.

If you do decide to use a solar panel, we would love to see how it goes!