Minimum target size for 4079 sensor?


I’m curious if there’s any guideline for the minimum size of a detectable object for the 4079 lidar-based sensors. I was testing the VL53L4CX rangefinder, and learned after some digging that the minimum target size is 1/3 of the distance from the sensor, which is too big for my application (an augmented bean bag toss).

Thanks for any information!


The minimum target size is going to depend on several variables unique to each application (target reflectivity, ambient lighting conditions, etc.). That makes it hard to offer any specific assessment of whether the sensor will work or not in your application, so ultimately you would probably just have to try it to find out. In general, though, I expect the #4079 sensor to be less sensitive than the VL53L4CX.

- Patrick

That’s very helpful, thank you!