Minimum size of black line QTR-8

I intend to use the QTR-8 sensor in a design but for this I need to know what the minimum thickness of the black line that the sensor needs to work.
Anyone know what the minimum thickness of this line is?

We frequently use this sensor to track lines made from 0.75 inch wide black electrical tape. The sensor should work with some thinner lines, but the contrast of the line with the background, sensor mounting height, the noise in your system, your scanning algorithm, and a lot of other factors could all have an effect on detection.

Do you have any particular thickness in mind? Which QTR-8 sensor (the QTR-8RC or QTR-8A)? Do you already have the sensor? Can you tell me more about your application?


I intend to use the QTR-8 sensor with the arduino in this application that is in the link

Is it possible, or do I have to use another sensor?

It looks like that system might be using a camera. We do not have any suggestions for replicating a system like that with any of our sensors.