minIMU v2-v3 plot with Proccessing or Python

Hello everyone,

I want to plot the signals of the Gyro and Accelerometer from my minIMU V2 in “xy” axis, where x is time and “y” is the magnitude in degrees.

For this thing, I want to use Processing or Python for plotting the signals of the IMU (I connected the IMU to an Arduino Board).

Could you suggest a program (Procesing and Arduino) for doing this thing?.

Regards and thanks in advance.


We do not have any code that does exactly that. For the Arduino side of things, you could get started with our LSM303 and L3G Arduino libraries, which have example sketches (both called Serial.ino) that allow you to obtain raw data from the sensors. Links to the GitHub pages for those libraries can be found under the Resources tab of the MinIMU-9 v2’s product page. We do not have any specific recommendations for how to plot with Python or Processing, but you can just look up some examples online and use those as a starting point. Your goal should be to get the Arduino program’s output and the plotting program’s expected input to be in the same format.