MinImu real time to 3DSMax

Here is another little video with Minimu interacting in real time with 3DSMax (Predator airplane) using dotnetObject and Maxscript



That looks fun. What are you going to be doing with 3DSMax? Have you written up the details of how you got it to work anywhere?

- Ryan

Hi Ryan, I would love to make a Full-Body wireless Motion Capture system, but will take a lot of time and effort.
3DSMax is not my first choice, I work with Maya, but it´s the only software that I could make it run at real time with a serial connection.
I want to share this with someone who find this useful.
So I made a PDF tutorial and add all the files needed to make this thing working and below I attach the link with it.
Of course it needs the 3DSMax software and the free Framework Dotnet from Microsoft installed. Dotnet version 4 works fine for me.
Here is the link to all the files needed: … x.rar.html

That looks like a really thorough write up. Thanks for making it! I think it might benefit a lot of people. Would you allow us to host a copy of it on our website?

- Ryan

Of course you can, it will be an honor!

We posted your tutorial on our community projects page; also on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and the MinIMU-v2 Resources tab. Thanks for making such a comprehensive guide!

- Ryan

my pleasure