MinIMU-9 v3 Gyro first time connecting and setting up

Hello, I just got this, soldered the pins and got some cables and Arduino UNO.

However, unlike connecting and writing code for blinking led or some other basic module or even sensor, this one seems challenging to me.

And in this case I have no idea where to start.
For starter I just want to hook it up correctly and monitor some simple movements and changes etc. And if I do this I possibly could move up and make something useful out of it.

But I could find any tutorial on the web, I posted on the arduino forums and searched through etc. and the only thin I found was “post on pololu forums, the engineers are very helpful” and if that statement is true, thats great ! The point is, I am newbie to this whole thing (Arduino in general) and I want some kickstart on this very project.

I hope I can find some general help on the project.

[li]Find schematics on how to connect the pins etc.[/li]
[li]Sample code or lib or anything that could lead to any[/li]
[li]Any bonus information will be helpful[/li][/ul]

You will want to start by going through everything on the product page:, especially the resources tab. All the example software, libraries and documentation you need are there, as well as links to other people’s projects.

Connections are very simple with just four wires: 5V, GND, A4, A5 (SDA and SCL).