MinImu-9 v2 Quaternion

Hi, just purchased the MinImu-9 v2 and download the MinIMU9AHRS to my Arduino Uno.
Did the calibration and also checked the Python 3D program, everything works great.
But I need Quaternions on the serial output, did you developed an Arduino example with Quaternion outputs to the serial port?
I thing the 3d Python program works with quaternions, isn´t it?
Thanks for your answer


The MinIMU-9 + Arduino AHRS program is ultimately based on an older version of ArduIMU and does not support quaternion output. (The Python program uses roll/pitch/yaw angles to display the 3D model.) We don’t currently have any software for the MinIMU-9 that works with quaternions.

- Kevin

i have an stm32 based example. … maybe you can port it.

It would be great