MinIMU-9 using the LSM303DLM carrier example code


First let me say that your examples have been a great asset and have helped me get over the learning curve fast!

I have the MinIMU-9 working with the Arduino example code and python script. Orientation looks good: north points to north. I then used the LSM303DLH Orangutan example project but now it seems to be 90 degrees off. The display indicates North when the MinIMU-9 is pointing East. I did change the code so it would work with the LSM303DLM (swapped y and z readings).

Has anyone tried using the LSM303DLH Orangutan example project with the MinIMU-9?


Hello, Mike.

I will be looking at updating the LSM303DLH Orangutan example to work with the LSM303DLM as well in the near future, though I don’t know exactly when we can make it available.

- Kevin