MinIMU-9 unresponsive

I have recently decided to work with MinIMU-9 and Arduino Uno and purchased them from pololu portal. Then I have decided to solder MinIMU-9 to a male header but I have failed to get data from MinIMU over I2C bus after soldering. I have done some voltage tests whether to check it works or not. Is there any way to test if soldering has damaged MinIMU. Thank you.

I mean is it highly possible to damage MinIMU-9 during soldering? What should be the correct way to solder it on a carrier board and do you have carrier boards for it? If it got damaged by soldering, i need to buy once more, I mean can you send me MinIMU-9 soldered with its plane male connector? It is urgent for me. Thank you.

Hello, turgaykale.

I split your posts into a new topic because your questions are not really related to the topic you originally posted in.

I am sorry to hear that you are having trouble with your MinIMU-9. Could you post a picture of your setup so that we can check your connections for any visible problems? Do you have access to an oscilloscope you can use to make sure the right signals are being sent over the SCL and SDA lines? What program are you running on your Arduino?

It is unlikely for the board to have been damaged by soldering unless you applied far more heat than should be necessary or accidentally knocked some of the surface mount components loose. We do not have any carrier boards for the MinIMU-9 (the MinIMU-9 itself is essentially a carrier board for the sensor ICs on it), and unfortunately, we do not offer the IMU with the header pins already soldered on. However, we should investigate the problem some more before concluding whether the damage was caused by soldering.

- Kevin