MinIMU-9 mounting hole location?

Hi, just got the MinIMU-9 and was playing with it. Looks great! I’d like to make a carrier board for it complete with mounting hole to secure it.

It’d be really helpful if you could provide location information of the hole versus, say, one of the pins so I can easily and accurately draft up a carrier board in Eagle CAD.

I could use calipers, sure, but … wanted to see if you could provide ‘official’ dimensions. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hello, Michael.

We can send you a DXF drill drawing that shows the locations of the holes on the board if you email us directly.

- Kevin

Thanks, Kevin! Email forthcoming…

Thanks for the help!

Looks good; thanks for sharing. Will you be building this carrier board into a bigger system?

- Kevin

Thanks! It’s standalone for awhile. At some future stage I may build an combined AHRS and carrier board that includes an MCU.

For now I have the thing hooked up to an mbed that’s running my 2012 AVC robot. (I ported the Pololu AHRS code to mbed). The mbed is on a custom baseboard so having the module standalone works best for me at the moment.