MinIMU-9 AHRS code too big for Atmega168

FYI: it might be useful to note on the product page or the github page that the AHRS code doesn’t compile and fit onto an Atmega168. It’s close, but too big. Would love to be able to get it to fit if it’s possible because I can pick up Pro Mini’s with 168’s for under $10.


Unfortunately, I do not think getting the MinIMU-9 AHRS code to work on a 168 is a high priority for us. However, the SparkFun 9DOF AHRS code that I used as a starting point has a “lite version” that is supposed to work on a 168. You might be able to compare that with the original code to see what was changed and make similar changes to the MinIMU-9 AHRS code.

- Kevin

I may try to load it up without a bootloader. Without the bootloader I think it will fit.